Just got home from a lovely Thanksgiving day spent with my family. It’s really the simplest things in life that make me the happiest..hanging out and chatting with my mom about anything and everything is one of them. This year though, our Thanksgiving dinner was a little different than last..we had a wild little “turkey” running loose around the house named Spunki :-) This Thanksgiving, I’m so very thankful to have her..she brings so much joy to our lives that I can’t imagine our lives without her..even if she does drive us bonkers on a daily basis. What made this Thanksgiving even better is that Spunki just got a clean bill of health from her vet! Her liver shunt surgery worked and her liver is working just as it should!! This was such a big relief for us and now we can move on happily with our lives knowing our Spunki is healthy and happy!

I haven’t posted a picture in awhile so I thought you’d like to see how my little Spunki is growing..she is 8 lbs now..can you believe it? Just 2 lbs lighter than her brother and she is not even a year yet! I bet you this time next year she’ll be 50 lbs if she keeps growing like this! (I wanted Mochi in the picture too but he needed a bath desperately..lol!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Check back soon for lots of blog goodies including…wait for it…a house update! I know quite a few of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to so stay tuned!

Bellespooh: Aww.. She looks great.. the hair is gowing out.. i love how she tilted her head.. so cute.. December 2, 2009 9:25 am

Katie: Spuki´s hair is getting so long, I think she has passed her awkward phase :) I cannot wait to see your house updates!  I live vicariously through your opulent taste. November 30, 2009 7:55 am

The Baldwin Family

November.26.2009 | Rascals

Another adorable family! I first met the Baldwin’s when I photographed Sharlene’s sister Amy’s wedding last year. At that time, she had just given birth to her second daughter Megan. Her oldest daughter Melissa was the flower girl in Amy’s wedding and I must tell you I was in love with her. She was so incredibly precious! Now, a whole year and a half later, Melissa is a big girl and her baby sister is catching up quickly! These two girls were so precious and Melissa was the perfect model. She did everything I asked..which I’m sure all you photographers out there will understand is practically a miracle when dealing with rascals :-)

Here are some of my favorites..enjoy!

I always do the family portraits first because they are the hardest..

Are they not the cutest sisters you’ve ever seen?

Melissa is such a little ham!

How sweet is this?

She’s up to something..

Perfect model I tell you!

Adore this one!

Sweet moment with Megan & Mom :-)

Love this one of Megan!

Josh Beckman: Beautiful girls! November 30, 2009 11:03 am

Auntie Amy and Uncle Frank: Wow! We´re speechless. Trista, you really captured the girls´ personalities (and extreme cuteness)! You are the BEST rascals photographer. We still laugh recalling how you got Melissa to smile at the camera last year. Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2009 10:58 am

angel: what a beautiful family!!  i love the colorful outfits the girls are wearing.  soooo sweet.  <3  you did a fantastic job as always, trista!  xo November 25, 2009 6:28 am