This is now my 3rd session with little Christina & Allie…the first time was when they were still in their mommy’s belly and the 2nd time was when they were just a few weeks old!  They have grown so much and look as cute as ever!  I’ve always thought that having twins would be super difficult but their parents make it look like it’s a piece of cake!  Don’t get me wrong…it is definitely challenging but not as challenging as one might think (coming from someone who only hung out with the twins for a couple of!).  I’m sure if I were to visit Mac & Kelly around 2am in the morning it might be a different story ;-)

Here are just a few of my favorites from Allie & Christina’s Holiday session!

How precious is Allie here…so cute!

Allie’s Dad doing the “football” hold that she clearly likes so much!

Christina really likes tummy time…Allie?  Not so much :-)

Allie prefers lying on her back :-)

Christina enjoying the scene as I try not to fall off the ladder…it was only on the 3rd step but it might as well have been the 10th…I’m scared of heights!

I remember Kelly telling me when she was pregnant that she hoped her babies had strawberry blonde hair…she got her wish!  How sweet are these two?

Christina rockin’ her tutu!

Unless they come out with a “boy equivalent” of a tutu, I have to say that having girls is just so much more fun in the “dress up” department :-)

Kelly’s parents came along to get a nice holiday portrait with them and their furbaby Lucy :-)

I love this sweet moment between Allie & her grandpa!

Check out those baby blues!

When you know the photo shoot is officially over ;-)

orange county photographer: As always, I love your images Trista!! That's an adorable bably! December 1, 2010 10:01 pm

kristin @ petal and thorn: trista, that last pic just makes me so happy! you captured such a sweet/ funny moment. i recognize this couple from their belly pics- they look like such a happy family. great job! November 30, 2010 5:22 pm

Cora & Nathaniel!

November.24.2010 | Rascals

So, the last time I saw Nathaniel, he was just “two and three quarters” old…now he is “four and three quarters” and has an adorable baby sister named Cora.  It was a delight getting to see Nathaniel again and finally getting a chance to meet his adorable little are just a few favorites..enjoy!!

This was taken right after Cora woke up from her nap…I was amazed how good she was!  Usually the rascals I know are super cranky right when they wake up!

It’s amazing how much Cora & Nathaniel resemble there mom…so cute!

When I first saw Nate, I couldn’t believe how much he had grown!  He is a very very bright boy…when I asked him who put the tire swing up in his playroom, he said “my dad and two construction workers”…lol…it was the cutest thing!


How sweet is her little outfit…I want one of my own!

Here is Nate being silly :-)

Cora looovveesss lollipops!

So does Nate :-)

I love the next two images…so cute!

Last frame of the day…the sun was practically gone!  Again, I can’t rave enough about the high iso capabilities of the Canon 5d Mark II!! (sorry…couldn’t resist the techy talk!)

la wedding photographer: wow amazing photos these kids are so adorable, good job Trista! November 25, 2010 8:37 pm