**Super long post but I wanted to include all the juicy bits! Make sure to check out the end for my anniversary surprise for Doug!**

Since today is the 1 month anniversary of our “5 Year Wedding Anniversary” party, I thought it only suiting to post some pictures from the day to keep the “anniversary” theme alive :-)

When Doug and I talked months ago about what we were going to do to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, of course the thought of revisiting our honeymoon spot first came to mind (Maui and Kauai). I loved the idea but Doug pointed out that we would have just gotten back from our Europe trip and did we really want to be away from home again? He made a valid point so it was back to the drawing board. Then it hit me..how wonderful would it be to have a party and invite our friends and family over to celebrate with us? Doug and I have actually never thrown a party in our home..we didn’t even have a house warming party so the idea to have one sounded really cool! Next thing you know, I was planning away..collecting inspiration pictures, scouring blogs..it was as if I was planning my wedding all over again…of course on a much more smaller scale.

Cue Linda..I met Linda at an industry event and she graciously asked me to join her for lunch one day with a fabulous group of other ladies in the biz. I was talking about my party and how I was overwhelmed at the whole idea of throwing this party. Before I even started my next sentence, Linda offered her help to me..just like that! I was so touched by her offer and feel so lucky that Linda and I crossed paths. Linda’s help was invaluable to me and really saved me from the brink of insanity. She helped bring my ideas to life with a twist of her own and I really loved all the ideas she had! On top of that, she introduced me to my caterer for the party (more on that later) and I’m so glad she did..the food was beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without her help, my party would have been a hot mess I’m sure :-)

Fast forward to a few months later and the day of the party was now upon us. The day started off smoothly enough with me getting my makeup done by the fabulous Carina. The linens, chairs, and draping all arrived on time. Then the drama started to unfold…it was just after 3pm and the tables were supposed to have arrived at 2pm. When Linda arrived to help set up I asked her to call the rental company to see where the tables were. She told me not to worry and that the company had an “emergency” line. She called them and nobody picked up. Since the party was starting at 5pm..I started to panic just a little. Now it’s 3:30pm and the tables are still not there..at this point, I’m really stressed and Linda is too..we had to move forward with the assumption that the tables will not arrive in time for us to setup for the party. My heart wanted to break at that point because everything I had planned for months was now about to go out the window. You do not realize how important tables are to an event until you have NONE!!

So, the scramble to find tables starts and Linda tells Doug to go to all of our neighbors and ask if they have any banquet tables we can borrow. I call my girlfriends and ask them to come over asap (thanks LoAnn and Lynde!!!) because we are going to need all the help we can get to pull this off. It’s now 4pm and Doug finally comes back with some tables..only three..not enough..what do we do? A miracle then happens..the table company calls Linda back and says the delivery guys is 5 minutes from my house. When he arrives, we have no time to waste! We have less than an hour to set up 4 tables with linens, plates, silverware, glasses, favor boxes, centerpieces, etc. At 4:50pm..we are nearly set and Linda orders me upstairs to get ready. My makeup had now melted off my face after all the sweating from the stress of running around I had to do it all over again! In the mean time, cocktail hour has now started and our guests don’t even realize the near coronary all of us just had getting the party ready.

I put my dress on and headed downstairs to see all of my guests. Hugging, kissing, greeting and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I go get myself a glass of rasberry lemonade and turn around to proceed out to the back..and then..the worst thing that could possibly happen to any party hostess happens to me…I TRIPPED AND FELL FLAT ON MY FACE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!! I still remember how it felt to be laying on the ground..I was literally in shock..I looked down at my feet trying to figure out what I had tripped on but before I had a chance to figure it out, someone swooped in and got me to my feet. Once I got to my feet I quickly realized what had happened because I couldn’t stand up straight. The heel of my right shoe had looped through the bow of my left shoe..literally..it was a freak accident because the likely hood of that happening is nearly impossible when you think about it. There was a moment right after I fell where I just wanted to burst into tears..I mean come on..how embarrassing was that?? However, I had no time to waste and told myself to keep a stiff upper lip so we could get this party started! I wiped the lemonade of my face and hair (yes..the lemonade spilled all over me but managed to not touch my dress..yay!) and quickly pulled myself together.

The party then started and I must stay when I stepped outside for the first time to see everything, I really couldn’t believe how everything came together the way it did. I was happy and so was Doug and the only bad thing that happened after my tripping incident was that the party ended too quickly! Before you knew it, it was over and I was all “we need to have another party”..in like 10 years when I’ve recovered from this one ;-)

Here are some beautiful pictures that my lovely friend Alice took for me! I have to publicly THANK Alice from the bottom of my heart..Alice helped out with everything that day! She arrived and saw the panic of the whole “table” fiasco and immediately helped out with whatever she could. On top of that, she helped with serving food to our guests and helping me distract Doug with my “surprise” for him at the end of the party..read more about that below. All in all, Alice was the bomb and I was so glad to have her there!

Linda put this spread together for the cocktail hour..raspberry lemonade, chocolate kisses, to-die-for chocolate “brownie” cookies wrapped adorably to look like candy, watermelon cosmos, and pink and black fortune cookies.

How chic do Drew and Christina look mingling during cocktail hour?

LOL..this was me right after I fell. Here I am wiping my eye after raspberry lemonade got in it..I’m still amazed I was able to laugh about it!

I loved how everything turned out..pink and black..obviously one of my favorite color combos :-)

Linda put together these fabulous favor boxes and made the menus herself..seriously Linda!? Thank you!

The favor boxes had fortune cookies inside them..to the left were the black (blackberry flavored) and pink (raspberry cookie dipped in white chocolate and pink sprinkles) fortune cookies..so cute!! To the right is an original fortune cookie from the favors from our wedding! Yes..we also gave out fortune cookies at our wedding…we are sentimental like that :-)

The left fortune is from our anniversary obviously..the right fortune was from our wedding..I’m quite amazed that the cookie kept its color for this long! When I broke it in two it was actually still crunchy..how amazing is that?!

Sigh..I would totally marry these chair covers..that’s how much I loved them!

The centerpieces were so beautiful..thanks so much to Shelby with Greenleaf Designs! Very special thank you to my friend Kristin for referring Shelby to me! Kristin was going to be attending her cousin’s wedding out of town and wasn’t able to do the flowers for my party but she referred me to Shelby who brought my ideas to life :-)

One of my inspiration boards for my party included a “lamp” centerpiece and I thought it was so cool..luckily I already had two great lamps to use from my own living room!

Okay..seriously? As much as I LOVED all the decor/food, etc from my party..my favorite part hands down was Brett Young’s music. Brett sang at a wedding I shot last year and I was amazed at how talented he was. I KNEW that I had to have him for my party..thank GOODNESS he was available!! I’m telling you..one day Brett is going to be huge in the music industry..just you wait! You can see his music video here and you should definitely add him on Facebook! He announces his performances on there and really..you have to see him LIVE to fully appreciate how talented he is!

Two old friends who recently just got married..congrats you guys!

Best of both worlds! Doug and I really wanted to infuse some of our actual wedding into our anniversary party so we had our original wedding caterer provide some of the dishes while my party caterer, fabulous husband of Gloria McCune, whip up some of our favorite dishes! Cory McCune really knocked it out of the ballpark with his food and everyone loved it! To the left we have honey walnut shrimp from our wedding and to the right, Kobe Beef sliders with white truffle homemade pototo chips..let me tell you..it was delicious! Gloria was Cory’s Sous Chef and actually fried the chips at my house..INCREDIBLE!

My lovely guests!

Doug and our favorite 5-year-old..Olivia!

Of course we had to sneak in just a couple pictures of the two of us :-)

The cake..oh how I loved the cake! Thanks to Sweet Gems, our cake turned out better than I could have ever imagined! It was so delicious too..white chocolate mouse with fresh blueberries and strawberries..YUM!!

Awww..we’re cutting our cake just like when we got married! :-) I love it..it almost makes me want to cry looking at this..5 years..where did the time go?

After our cake cutting, I had a very special surprise for Doug. Here’s what happened..

Every year on our wedding anniversary, Doug and I watch our wedding video. I thought it would be great to share that tradition with our friends and family and have us all watch it together..not the whole thing..just a 5-minute highlight video of the day. Doug thought it was a cool idea too so we decided we would do that at the end of the party to “close” the evening.

Here’s what he didn’t know..I contacted Joe from Today’s The Day Weddings to help me with a special gift for Doug. I wanted to record a video “love note” for Doug telling him how much I loved him and all that other good stuff :-) You’ll have to watch the video to see what I said :-)

Before I get to the video though I have to say how HARD it was to set the surprise up. I needed Doug’s help to bring the TV out to the backyard. As he was lifting the TV up, he hurt his finger! He brushed it off so we could get the party going but then later came to me and said “I think I broke my finger”. WHAT!!!! After our table fiasco, me tripping and falling, the last thing we needed was a broken finger!! Of course I freak out and Doug tries to calm me down and says “Oh no..it’s okay”. Ugh..so Doug brushes it off and now I need to get him away from the backyard so I can put our DVD in. Since it wasn’t our original DVD, I couldn’t have Doug see the DVD so it was quite the scene having Linda, Alice, & Cory trying to distract Doug in the kitchen so I could put the DVD in. Anyhow, I finally got the DVD in, did a little “thank you” speech, and then announced that we’d be watching our wedding highlight video.

So here is the original highlight video produced by Elysium Productions..I love it so much!

Trista and Doug’s Highlights from Today’s The Day Weddings on Vimeo.

And here is the video that came up right after the highlight video ended. I can’t thank Joe enough for helping me out with this..he came through for me big time and will be forever in his debt! Thanks Joe..you are amazing!

Trista’s Video Project-01 from Today’s The Day Weddings on Vimeo.

As you can imagine, Doug was super surprised when the video came on..he laughed he cried..I laughed..I cried and then the party was nearing its end. The funniest part of the night I think was when people were saying their goodbye’s they confessed that they thought that Doug and I were going to announce that we were having a baby!! LOL..yeah..like we really had this scheme all along to get pregnant right around our 5 Year Anniversary and have this party and then play a video to say “hey, we’re having a baby”! LOL..everyone was disappointed and could have cared less about my video love note to Doug because all they cared about was if I was pregnant..a few people even said they had kept their eye on me the whole night to see if I was drinking alchohol..seriously? LOL..my friends and family are crazy :-)

Hope you enjoyed my super incredibly long post about our anniversary..I wouldn’t have done it justice if I didn’t include all the juicy bits of drama right?

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Gracie, Darren, and I had such a great time during their engagement session! They were both nervous but I really couldn’t understand why..they both looked amazing in front of the camera! We had fun talking about their upcoming wedding, our adorable fur babies and our shared appreciation of good food :-) It’s always a good conversation when food is involved :-)

I cannot wait for their wedding which is coming up in a little over a month! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

I think Gracie & Darren make an adorable couple..don’t you?

Beautiful sunlight..I love it! I’ll pick beautiful light over a beautiful location any day :-)

Love this “grass” series below!

Seriously Gracie..you’re H-O-T!

I love this one!

One of my favs!

What better way to end the post than with a beautiful portrait?

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