There are no two words that can make such an impact as the words “thank you”. It sounds so simple but hearing my clients say “thank you” means more to me than anything! I will never forget it..during the reception when everyone was dancing and having a great time, I was in busy shooting mode making sure to get all the cool dancing shots. Darren & Gracie pulled me aside, in the middle of the dance floor mind you, and thanked me from the bottom of their hearts. I’m not going to go into all that was said since it’s personal and all but really, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Darren & Gracie for making me feel appreciated..and loved :-) I pour my heart & soul into what I do and I can only hope that my clients see that & feel it :-)

To Darren & Gracie (and the rest of my clients who say “thank you”) are awesome and I love working with all of you! Nothing means more to me than the smiles you have on your faces when you see your pictures..and I truly mean that from the bottom of MY heart :-)

Now enough lovey dovey stuff..time for my favorites!

Gracie’s dress was beautiful..I love lace!

Smiles make me happy :-)

I loved the vintage car…so classic and beautiful!

Gracie looked like a beautiful!

I could net get over how dashing Darren looked in his grey suit..his new name is Dashing Darren :-)

The light was beautiful and spectacular that was perfect!

I love how this image “feels”..

I loved Gracie’s dads was filled with love, wisdom, & hope :-)

Darren claimed he never dances..but I told him it was his wedding day and he better get on the dance floor..he’s a good listener (-:

Beth P: Oh my goodness! That church is beautiful! I love the skylight above the altar! Wonderful pictures - it looks like a fabulous celebration! August 19, 2010 12:05 pm

Having a mom as a fab event designer can only mean good things..especially when you’re celebrating your first birthday! Sophie’s mom Linda (who was the fab designer for my anniversary party) pulled out all the stops to ensure that her adorable little girl had a fabulous party to celebrate her first year of life! Pink is my favorite color (if you couldn’t already tell) so my heart was gushing with joy when I arrived to capture Sophie’s big day :-) I loved EVERYTHING from the beautiful lace trimmed table cloths to the “ice cream” themed dessert station created by the fabulous Melody of Sweet & Saucy Shop. Her creations always make my heart happy and my tummy hungry :-)

Check out my recap of Sophie’s Big day!

What a lucky girl Sophie is..her grandparents got her an awesome play set for her birthday!

How adorable..the centerpieces were made to look like an ice cream cone! Ok..I admit I didn’t realize they were until my friend Sarah pointed that out :-)

How adorable is the cake & cake topper? Sophie’s dad built the entire dessert structure awesome is that?

It was my duty as the photographer to try all the desserts to make sure they were suitable for all the guests :-)

Sophie had personalized dinnerware..adorable!!

Now for the star of the show..little miss Sophie! Her dress even matched the party theme..

Those pigtails are just too much!

A nice family portrait :-)

What better way to get a party started than with lots of presents..

..and adorable little guests like little Hannah? Hannah’s mom Henny is part of the fabulous Utterly Engaged team..and she just so happens to be the luckiest mom in the world to have this scrumptious little cupcake of a daughter :-)

How cute is Ellie?? Her mom Sarah is pretty darn lucky too :-)

Sophie was having an absolute adorable is she?? Okay..Linda is super lucky too :-)

This was the most important part of the party..predicting Sophie’s future!! Was she going into finance (piggy bank), computers (ipad), something related to a big book (sorry..I forgot what that stood for)..I’m guessing college professor? And of professional (wedding mag)!

Looks like Sophie is going into finance just like Uncle Doug :-)

Parachute time!

Sophie loved it..

and so did Hannah!

Time for an outfit change :-)

The best part..opening presents!

Sophie was a very considerate host making sure to read all of her birthday cards :-)

Sophie says “thanks Mom & Dad for such an amazing’re the best!”

And thanks to all the vendors that made my party the bomb! :

Desserts & Cakes: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Florals: Jen K Floral Design

Catering: Lucille’s BBQ

Event Design: Grand Soirees

Janelle Contreras: Sophie looks so adorable and happy little girl. August 15, 2010 10:30 am

beverly: The most amazing 1st birthday party I have ever seen and the most GORGEOUS birthday girl and her family. Wow! Great job to all involved. Gotta love Melody from Sweet and Saucey too! August 14, 2010 1:21 am

huengo: Trista, you´re awesome! the photos captured all happy moments, happy faces of the happy babies... Love all of them! Good job! August 13, 2010 9:58 am

Linda Ly: Trista, you are, in one word, FABULOUS! You capture the details and the kiddies perfectly! Sophie says, "Thank you Auntie Trista & Uncle Doug!" Well, she will, ha ha. August 13, 2010 6:19 am

kristin @ the treasured petal: i´m seriously dying!  too many cute kiddos in one place!  i can´t believe how gorgeous that bday party is.  my mom used to buy hotdogs and watermelon, take us to the park, and that was that!  times have changed... August 13, 2010 5:33 am

Leila: LOVE it!! she looks just like Linda. so cute :) August 13, 2010 2:37 am