What a charming wedding!  I love how Nancy & Dave incorporated their love of music into their special day.  They wanted their wedding to feel a like concert so they passed out programs, “backstage” passes, glow sticks, and had their favorite bands as table names at the reception.  Nancy & Dave are so thoughtful they even made a special backstage pass for me with “rad photographer” on it……awwwwww…I love them!

Nancy & Dave, you guys are just awesome…no, you guys are SOOOOO RAD!!!  Thank you for being so sweet to me in the short few months that we’ve worked together.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you both…xoxoxo

Now for the goods!  Warning…lots of detail shots…I couldn’t resist!  Seven Degrees is one of my favorite venues!

I loved this belt that Nancy wore…just the right amount of bling!

Her headpiece was to die for!

Nancy looked absolutely stunning!

Luckily Nancy & Dave chose to see each other before hand since they were having an evening ceremony…

I just loved Nancy’s whole ensemble!

The iconic blue mosaic wall at Seven Degrees!

Love this!

Lighting is everything and the peeps at Seven Degrees know this :-)

The programs!

Dave awaiting his beautiful bride :-)

Nancy & Dave both got emotional during their written vows…so cute!  Dave promised Nancy he would always remember to take his vitamins….so cute!  He did get a little ribbing from his guys friends about that line though ;-)

Loved all the personalized details!  It’s all in the details…

The blue light is my fav!

Right before the grand entrance everyone took out their glowsticks…love it!

Dave’s dad had some very cute stories about Dave growing up including Dave’s highlights as a little league baseball player and his awesome fishing skills :-)  You could tell just how proud his dad was of him…love it!

Who’s better at what?  That was the name of this game ;-)

The end :-)

Special thanks to Cortney Helaine Events for making the day go as smoothly as possible and to Seven Degrees for lighting & event decor.

Cortney: Trista, These photos are amazing! You did such a great job not only capturing the details but also those little moments between Dave and Nancy! Wow I am absolutely amazed. Your professionalism and personality was the best to work with and without a doubt I will be recommending you to my clients in the future! November 30, 2011 11:25 am

I had been watching the weather all week…each day leading up to it I saw rain on Saturday!  “Oh no” I thought…we’ll just have to make due.  Until that Thursday when the rain moved to Sunday!!!  I was so happy and when I finally showed up to the  Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach I was giddy with joy.  The sky was beautiful…this kind of sky you don’t get very often.  It happens usually after it rains and then that’s it.  I felt lucky that day…not only for the beautiful skies but also for the company.  Danielle & Jung were getting married and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

Their wedding was intimate with their closest friends and family in attendance…this kind of wedding is always my favorite.  Everyone gets to dance together, laugh together, and make wonderful memories!  My most favorite part of the wedding was during the Maid of Honor’s toast when she was reminiscing about a card that Danielle gave Jung…it had a rice and bean on the front…nuff said…so cute!!

Danielle and Jung…I’m so happy for you!  Here’s to a hundred more years of love & happiness :-)

Now for some of my favorites!

We started with my most favorite part of the day…the portraits!

They are so cute together :-)  Danielle’s makeup that day was flawless thanks to Katie B!

It rained the day before but that day it was sooo beautiful! Clouds, Sun, Blue Sky…perfection!

I can’t get over the sky!

Right after the ceremony…sigh

Loved the beautiful green details!