I love when my clients choose locations that I’ve never shot at before.  Jackie & Josh chose an alley in Santa Monica and it was just filled with so many fun and interesting places to shoot at.  It was amazing that half of their engagement session was shot within half a block…crazy!  The other half was a small park’ish area over looking the ocean…it was THE perfect way to end the session!  I loved the combination of the gritty urban alley with the soft light of the park…the best of both worlds!

Jackie & Josh were so relaxed and did a fantastic job :-)  I can’t wait for their wedding later this year!  Below are just a few of my favorites from the day…have a great week everyone!

As I was waiting for Jackie & Josh I spotted this red wall and KNEW that I had to shoot there…so vibrant!!

We found this little gem as we were walking to the alley…

Love the wind in Jackie’s hair!

I love stairs :-)

Still in the alley…

I love bright colored doors!  I’m sure most photogs’ do ;-)

Beautiful sunlight!

Jackie has a gorgeous smile & laugh!

lllloovveee the light!

In front of Jackie’s favorite tree :-)

Love this one!!

Beautiful portraits are ALWAYS nice :-)

The end :-)

Pradeep - Indian Wedding Photographer: Beautiful photos. The red wall was a cool find. March 29, 2011 6:21 pm

Cindy Brown: Love that afternoon light. Beautiful! And the pink door is to die for, too. March 23, 2011 2:24 pm

Brooke: Gorgeous Trista! I love the red wall. :) March 21, 2011 2:15 pm

I first met Wendi & Jason nearly two years ago when they flew me out to Washington, D.C. for a special photo shoot to celebrate Wendi’s 30th birthday.  To this day, it is still one of my most favorite shoots.  So of course you can imagine how elated I was when Wendi emailed me a couple months ago to let me know that her & Jason were living in Manhattan Beach!  For now at least…Jason is in the military and they will eventually be moving to Germany this Fall.  Wendi wanted a special photo shoot to “remember” this time in their lives and I must say I love that about her…that she wants to cherish and enjoy each special moment in her life is so awesome!

I have to so that Jason in quite the trooper…he kind of didn’t know about the photo shoot because he is currently deployed in the Middle East for the year and had been gone for 6 months!  Wendi “surprised” him with the news of the photo shoot just a few weeks before he was coming home and I can only imagine his reaction…lol…this is purely based on Doug’s reaction when I tell him I’d like to do a photo shoot :-)  Being the wonderful husband that Jason is, he actually picked up Wendi’s awesome purple heels for her at the store to make sure she would have them in time for the shoot :-)

Wendi and Jason, thank you SOOO much for allowing me back in to your lives to capture this time in your lives for you!  It was soooo great to see you both again, especially Buster & Daisy :-)  I hope to see you guys again one day if you ever make it back to Manhattan Beach!  Or you could just fly me to Germany…either way ;-)

Now for some of my favorites!!  Check out the adorable apron Wendi gut especially for the shoot…I love when my client’s really get into it!

Wendi & Jason both have great style!

Wendi has such a sweet & sexy smile…love it!

Cheers to another photo shoot with Trista!  “Oh joy!” Jason says :-)

This white dress was out of control..I loved it!  Wendi literally go the dress the day before the shoot!

Their house in Manhattan Beach was so awesome!  It was only 2 blocks away from the beach!!

Loved their front door!

I really do love a simple & beautiful portrait…

How awesome are Wendi’s purple heels?

Sigh…beautiful light…

You can’t see it because of the bright sun but I could see the waves crashing behind them…SO JEALOUS!!

Of course their babies Buster & Daisy had to make an appearance!  Cute little rascals those two…

Loved Wendi’s idea to carry on the “bike” theme from their first shoot… of course with a little different twist :-)  She arranged the bouquet in the basket herself…so awesome!

That day was literally so beautiful…the light…I can’t get over the light!

Love this one!  Wendi did such a great job of scoping her ‘hood for some sweet locations!

Last one by the pier right before sunset…

Flawless Faces: Makeup & Hair on Wendi by Carina @ FlawlessFacesInc.com :) March 28, 2011 12:09 pm

Kellie: Love these. So pretty....the light was amazing! March 18, 2011 9:49 am

Kate Triano: LOVE ALL OF THESE PICS!! It makes me want to do another shoot with you :) KISSES!! March 16, 2011 9:20 am

christina {simply modern}: omg, my friend's place is right next to them! i love this shoot...they are super cute!! love all the pops of aqua blue ;) March 16, 2011 1:55 am

Linda: Trista, Wendi and Jason are the most wonderful people and you did an awesome job of capturing their beauty! I didn't think you could top their last photo shoot session, but I was wrong! These blew me away! Wendi, awesome accessorizing! Jason, you're such a trooper! March 14, 2011 11:49 am

Allison Davis: lovely session. they're a cute couple and I love that they continue to get portraits taken throughout the years. Their outfits are awesome too - they do have great style. March 14, 2011 11:05 am