When Danielle told me that her and Jung wanted to do their engagement pictures at the Disney Concert Hall I was really excited!  I actually had not shot there in quite a few years and was looking forward to seeing the amazing building again.  Then when we got there, they had closed off the main part of where we were going to shoot for some movie production.  Bummer!!  The good news is we still got to shoot around the exterior of the building and we got to explore the surrounding areas that I normally would have just ignored.  I actually found quite a few locations that I loved so the saying is really true…”when a door closes, a window opens” :-)

Here are some of my favorites from the session…enjoy!

Jung and Danielle were really comfortable with each other right off the bat…they did mention they “practiced” the night before…I love that!

I love how Jung’s tie is color coordinated with Danielle’s shoes :-)

Love this one :-)

This area was right across the street from the Hall…

Can you believe this was next to some bus station…or something like that…lol

My favorite!  I love how happy they are here :-)

Naomi first contacted me a few months ago wanting to gift a session to her sister for her bridal shower present.  I thought that was such a sweet gesture and couldn’t wait to meet both of the girls!  The main purpose of the shoot was to do some very special photos for Borami’s fiance but those are for his eyes only :-)  We spent the 2nd half of the shoot doing some photos together of the girls so that they would always remember this time in their lives.  Both of them live in two separate states so I thought it would be great that they have the photos to look at when they miss each other :-)  Here are just a few of my favorites from the day!

I ADORED the two outfits they wore…so precious!!  I don’t know if you can see it but Borami’s belt has a bow made of pearls…so cute!

They both have a great sense of style…I never would have though to put this belt together with this dress…I love it!

Naomi is just a fire ball of energy…even though we had not met prior to this, I felt like she was a long lost friend from high school :-)

There was plenty of giggling during our shoot…but I can’t disclose what we giggled about :-)  Top secret!

Love the lush green backdrop!!

Sunset Blvd is right behind them…love this one!

LOL…Naomi is a riot :-)