Rascals : Neil!

September.29.2011 | Rascals

It’s that time of year again where I start getting calls for family portraits!  Most of the family sessions I do are around the holidays so I always have something to look forward to in the Fall.  What a perfect way to kick off portraits season than with Lindsay and her adorable little family!  The session was literally one of the most fun & easiest sessions I’ve ever done thanks to her awesome little guy Neil!  If you’ve ever photographed children before, you know how challenging it can get.  These buggers have little minds of their own and it often takes a little (or a lot) of patience to get these guys to cooperate but with Neil it was easy…almost too easy!  Of course it helps that he is a handsome little guy as you’ll see below :-)

Lindsay looks sooo gorgeous!  I hope I look like this when I’m a mom!

Neil is a momma’s boy :-)

Neil was awesome in front of the camera…like did-almost-everything-I-asked AWESOME!

Love this one!

Love the soft light behind Lindsay here…


Lindsay and Neil (yes her hubby is also Neil) felt dorky during their pictures together but I think that added to the cuteness :-)

Love this!

I love the look of a simple black and white portrait :-)

I was excited when my friend Kelley asked me to do a session with her nephew Jax and nieces Kathleen & Hannah! The three of them are so adorable together and have so much fun!  We all met at Kelley’s grandmothers house for an afternoon of picture taking and “Ring Around the Rosy” :-)  These rascals were so adorable and so sweet!  The girls had so much fun modeling that I think they might have a future occupation as world renowned models :-)

Now for the goodies…have a great weekend everyone!

How adorable is Jax?  Kelley did a great job coordinating all the rascal outfits :-)

Love the hat!

Hannah…she is a riot!  She loves smiling and getting her picture taken :-)

Kathleen…so sweet & beautiful!

Great Grandma and the little ones :-)

The Three Amigos…adorable!

Love this one!

Sisterly love :-)