Siena Turns One!

January.26.2012 | Rascals

I still remember like it was yesterday when I came over to my friends Kristin & Joe’s house to capture sweet Siena when she was just a few days old.  Most of the time when I see a newborn and try to figure out if they look like mom or dad I just can’t do it…they just look like “baby” to me.  However, when I first met Siena, I immediately knew she looked just like her mom…as did everyone else!  Now here we are a year later and every time I see Siena now,  I see a perfect combination of Kristin and Joe.

SiSi (her nickname) is just the cutest thing ever and every single time she smiles at me my heart just bursts with joy!  She is such a good baby and a talented one at that…check out her break dancing skills here: SiSi Breakdances

Kristin, Joe, and my beautiful, sweet, wonderful SiSi…I’m so lucky to have such sweet & lovely people in my life!  It has been a pleasure sharing all these wonderful life moments with you…here’s to many many more!  xoxo

Love this sweet family photo of the three of them…

Look at this cute widdle face?!

This smile should be illegal…

How beautiful are Siena’s eyes?!  I love the bright pop of colors she is wearing!

I spy cute – chubby – edible baby toes in the bottom left corner :-)

Pretty Mama & Baby :-)

I simply ADORE everything about this image…

Ummm, how cute is she?!

One of my favs!!  The pop of pink with the green…perfect!

Love it!  SiSi (as we all call her) is a little firecracker :-)

Outtakes :

Left image:  “The sun is in my eye and I just ate an orange slice” face.                                  Right Image:   The “Popeye is my great great great grandfather” face.

kristin @ petal and thorn: trista, these are marvelous! my hands down fav pics you've ever taken. so amazed that you captured these in under an hour, not to mention sisi was cranky and just wanted to crawl all over the place. i love each and every one of these. THANK YOUUUUUU January 26, 2012 10:13 pm

OMG…these two little rascals you are about to meet are just SCRUMPTIOUS!  I nearly melted into a big puddle of mush when I first saw CJ and his chubby cheeks…and then I met his baby sister Sydney who had the identical cheeks but in newborn form :-)  Sydney & CJ’s parents basically won the chubby-cheek-lottery with these two…what more could parents ask for right?  Kissable chubby cheeks = parental bliss….actually, kissable chubby cheeks that are sleeping through the night = parental bliss :-D

Thanks to Yuwen & Clifton for having me in their beautiful home and capturing the sweet fleeting moments of their two babies!  Thanks also to my friend Elsa for sending this adorable family my way! xoxo

Now for the adorableness!  Like, seriously CJ…could you be any cuter??!!  Look at those pouty lips!

Look at that beautiful head of jet-black hair!!  OMG…I want my future children to have hair just like Sydney’s!

I absolutely adored her gold fishy blanket…I want one for me!

Newborn babies are usually sleepy most of the day but Sydney was wide awake for our session!  I actually quite enjoyed it since I got to see her beautiful sweet eyes :-)

I totally see CJ in her face here :-)  They have the same lips and cheeks!

How sweet is this little family?!  If you only new how many pictures we took to get this one…lol!

Love this!  Check out Sydney’s adorable dress & headband!  So stylish already!

Sweet moment between brother & sister :-)

Ssshhhh….Sydney is sleeping!

She is happiest in mommy’s arms of course!

kristin @ petal and thorn: i am so not ready for another one, but seeing sweet newborns like sydney gives me the itch! the one in the basket with her reaching out and the cherubic one of her sleeping in the crib are my favs. you nailed it, once again! January 26, 2012 2:50 pm