Very last shoot before I become a mom….eeeekkkkkk!!!  So glad I got to share this “milestone” with my good friends Loan & Tony :-)  They are expecting their baby boy Connor just 6 days after my due date!  We are even delivering at the same hospital which makes it even more fun…how awesome would it be if we went into labor at the same time?!  It has been so great having a preggy buddy and texting each other with all of our fun & not so fun pregnancy moments :-)  I cannot wait to meet baby Connor next month…OMG…NEXT MONTH!!!??? Both our pregnancies have just flown by and I’m sure when our little ones are here their first few months will fly by too!  I’m very much looking forward to mommy & me play dates with Loan & Connor…soooo fun!!

Loan & Tony…I’m so happy for you both and I’m looking forward to making many fun memories with our little ones together :-) xoxo

Loan wanted to have some intimate shots of just her & Tony…I loved the outfits she chose!

She is glowing!

One of Loan’s “must have” shots was a silhouette of her & Tony…I love this!  One of my fav’s for sure :-)

She is a beautiful momma :-)

I love her dress!!

Even though she is a momma-to-be she still knows how to “work it” :-)

Every once in awhile an image speaks to me and says “make me black & white”…I’m glad I listened :-)