The adorable invite sets the tone for the theme of the party…

Connor’s mom did such a great job planning an adorable Circus themed party!

This was too cute…they had a picture of Connor from every month since birth…

The little masks & cupcakes were so cute!  I was so tempted to grab an elephant cupcake!

The birthday boy looking as debonair as the last time I saw him :-)  The hat, skinny jeans, bow tie…OMG…cuteness overload!

The party started off with an adorable little puppet show…

Connor and his little friends enjoyed it quite a bit!

Then the balloon artist worked his magic…

From the smile on this little one I would say the balloon figures were a big hit!

Connor looking adorable in his traditional Korean attire :-)

The moment of truth!  In the Korean culture, they have this cool little game where whichever item the baby gravitates towards first will be his future occupation.  From left to right: book for scholar, a microphone represents becoming an entertainer, the gavel for a lawyer, mini basketball for athlete, and stethoscope for doctor…which one did he choose??!!  **drum roooollll***

Looks like Connor will be a Scholar!

Connor fulfilling his “picture-posing” duties with Mom & Dad :-)

Now in the picture booth with his Uncle & Auntie!  Look at his face…I cannot get enough of him!

Happy First Birthday Connor!