On Gretchen & Michael’s 50th wedding anniversary, I’m sure they’ll look back on their engagement session and reminisce about how excited they were to be shooting part of their session at the petting zoo.  Then they will laugh about how hard it was to pick up the guinea pigs and then when they finally caught two, both of the piggies bit Michael and Gretchen when they were trying to feed them and totally killed their buzz :-)

LOL!!!  It was funny because after they got bit I was like “okay, how ’bout we move on to a different area…maybe will have better luck with the llama’s or something.  In unison, Gretchen and Michael both said “why don’t we just go somewhere else…we’re over it…getting bitten kinda sucks”…lol.  So that’s what we did!  Thanks goodness downtown SJC has plenty of little gems to shoot around!  I never get tired of shooting there!  I had a blast hanging out with these two…especially making fun of Michael!  LOL…I must have said at least a dozen times “Michael, relax your eyebrows!”.  Michael initially was like “What?  They are relaxed?” until Gretchen looked at him and said “No they’re not…you look really stressed right now”….hahahaha…good times :-)

I have to send out a little shout-out to my friend Joe from Today’s the Day Weddings for sending Gretchen & Michael my way….thanks so much Joe!!!

The calm before the “biting” storm :-)  At least we got this image as proof that they were there!  This will be a fun story for the grandkids…

I never get tired of a beautiful, simple portrait :-)

The lighting in this spot was magnificent!

SJC has these beautiful pink flower bushes everywhere!


Iconic red door :-)

I asked Matt & Nicole when they “knew” they wanted to be together forever.  I loved Matt’s answer…he said he knew from the first moment he saw her in class :-)  You see, they go to the same school and Nicole sat behind Matt in one of their classes.  I loved when they reminisced how Matt would find reasons to turn around and look at her…like how he would accidentally drop his pencil and reach back to pick it up :-)  Luckily for Matt, they had a mutual friend that he asked to introduce the two of them and the rest is pretty much history :-)

I am so incredibly excited to be shooting Nicole & Matt’s wedding next year in San Francisco!  This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to work with Matt’s family (I shot his brothers wedding last year) and I couldn’t be happier that I get to share yet another happy occasion with the whole clan :-)

I loved Nicole’s coral dress…it was the perfect POP of color!

They were pretty much like this the whole time…I had to actually interrupt them a couple of times when they were in their little “lovey-dovey” world…I love that!

Love how the flowers complement Nicole’s dress!

So jealous of Nicole’s legs…they go on for days!!


Love how they look at each other :-)

They make a cute couple don’t they ?!

Love this wall!