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January.16.2013 | Rascals

I had the pleasure of photographing little Max last weekend and totally forgot how little newborns were!   Evie is 10 weeks today and looks like a giant when I compare her to Max…they grow up so fast!

Max was such a good little boy and was already holding his head up when his dad was holding him over his shoulder…I’m impressed!  Here are just some of my favorites from my day with Max…enjoy!

I love their bed and wall color!

Sweet moment :-)

Baby feet!

See?? Holding up his head :-)

Love his little room!

Wow!  I cannot believe it’s been 2 months already since I gave birth to Evangeline!  I remember the first few weeks felt like they would never end and now here we are.  I’m so glad to say that I’m past that super stressed, super overwhelmed, and super anxious phase of new-momhood.  Now I’m just stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious…LOL!  While it’s definitely gotten “easier”…it’s still really hard.  I’ve gotten a little used to not sleeping nearly as much as before, but it still kinda sucks having to wake up at 3am (gotta keep it real, right??).  However, I will say it’s also gotten more fun.  Evangeline now greets me with a BIG smile every morning when I go to get her and as tired as I am, I can’t help but melt a little inside :-)

We did hit a couple of bumps this month…the biggest thing is that I discovered that Evie most likely has a dairy intolerance in addition to eggs.  What this means for me is that since I breastfeed, I now need to omit all dairy, any food that may contain dairy, and any food that may contain eggs.  What makes this even more difficult is that I don’t cook…yes you read that right…I don’t cook nor does Doug.  Soooooo….I need to learn how to cook in addition to being super vigilant about reading all food labels of things I purchase.  As you can imagine, I was super overwhelmed upon learning all of this and I’m still trying to adjust.  Nobody said this mommy thing would be a piece of cake, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this hard!

When I was pregnant I had visions of me and my newborn daughter making a trip to Starbucks to get myself a little treat before we head over to the mall for some shopping.  In reality :

I wake up at 3am and 6am to feed my daughter, take a nap until she wakes up later that morning, try to eat something for breakfast, hop on FB to do my “socializing” for the day, feed my daughter again, put her down for a nap, go downstairs and try to eat lunch, go back upstairs because Evie woke up after only sleeping for 10 min, try putting her down again for the next 20 mins, go back downstairs and try to eat lunch again, finish half my lunch because Evie woke up again, feed her because it seems like she is hungry, put her down for a nap, go downstairs and try to veg a bit in front of the TV, feed Evie again, put her down for a nap, pump milk so that Doug can give her a bottle when he gets home from work, Doug gets home from work and gives Evie a bottle, I try to eat dinner at that time but I might only finish half because Evie is having a meltdown, put Evie down for her evening nap, I go take a shower, feed Evie again, and then put her to sleep for the night.  By now, it’s about 8pm and I try to enjoy some alone time with Doug watching TV and by 11pm I’m exhausted and get ready for bed since I will have to wake up in a few hours.

LOL…so much for my quick trip to Starbucks and shopping!  I really have to laugh about just how naive I was about parenthood.  Of course I knew it would be difficult but nowhere near as difficult as it is.  I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining because I’m not.  If anything, I hope I can “prepare” anyone reading this for when they might become a parent.  I was so shocked about all the work that was involved and had I known what a “typical” newborn schedule looked like I might have been able to handle it just a teeny bit better because I would at least know what to expect.  However, I have to say this this is just my own personal experience with being a new mom.  I’m sure there are many new moms out there that might have a lot easier of a time adjusting than I did so don’t feel like your experience is bound to be difficult!

Lastly, I have to mention something that I’ve truly struggled with pretty much since Evie’s birth : Mom Guilt.  Boy oh boy…all I have to say is this mom guilt is no joke and can really beat you up if you let it!  I’m still trying to figure out a way to allow myself to not feel guilty every time I do something for myself.  I constantly think that Evie’s needs must ALWAYS come before mine but I’ve realized that way of thinking is not only faulty but dangerous to your mental well being.  I’ve had some great talks with several of my mommy friends about this and am thankful that they’ve given me “permission” to take care of ME sometimes!

From what I read online, this parenting thing seems to get easier around the 3 month mark.  As you can imagine, I’m waiting with bated breath for that and hoping that it’s true!  In the meantime, as long as Evie continues to greet me with her smiles and “sing” to me as I talk to her, I can tough it out for a little longer ;-)

A love note to my Evie:

Hello my beautiful Angel!  You have gotten so BIG this month!  Everybody that sees your pictures that I post online all say how big you’ve gotten.  It’s true…when I look at your newborn pictures it’s almost as if I’m looking at a completely different baby!  Daddy tells me almost everyday when he comes home from work “awww…it looks like she is bigger today” and gets a little sad.  Daddy and I didn’t expect to be sad so soon about you growing up!  We thought you would at least be 6 or 7 years old before we start reminiscing about when you were “little” LOL :-)  You’re only 2 months old and we act like you’re turning 21!  You might not understand now but when you have your own babies down the road you will :-)

Here are some of my favorite moments from this past month:

1.  You started smiling a lot…many times a day!!

2.  You slept for 6.5 hours straight, but that only lasted a day :-)

3.  You are more “awake” and so aware of your surroundings!  Everyone comments about how alert you are.

4.  You’re able to hold your head up by yourself! LOL…Mommy didn’t know she was supposed to do tummy time with you until her doctor told her at your 6 week appointment…sorry baby!  Oh well, you learned to hold your head up on your own…good girl!

5.  You started smacking your lips as soon as you knew you were about to get some din-din.

6.  Your eyebrows and eyelashes started getting darker, which is good because your eyebrows were bleach blond and you looked like you didn’t have any eyebrows for a while :-)

7.  You took your first picture with Santa, celebrated your first Christmas & New Years.  It’s a miracle that Mom & Dad were able to stay up to see the ball drop!

8.  Daddy’s family visited and you were fussy the whole 2 weeks they were here…that’s okay, they understood that you were still a tiny baby :-)

9.  Your newborn onesies and diapers are getting smaller and tighter…I’m not happy about this at all, but still wanted to document it.  Funny story: Mommy didn’t know how big you were going to be when you were born and everyone advised her to not get a lot of newborn clothes since you might not even fit them.  Fast forward to now: you are still wearing your newborn clothes.  Mommy only got a handful of them so Daddy has been doing the laundry a lot to make sure you have clothes to wear!  We could’ve gotten more onesies, but each week we thought for sure you would grow out of them :-D

10.  You love talking to Mommy in the morning after you eat your breakfast.

11.  I tried reading a book to you, but you didn’t like it..you prefer conversing with Mom for now :-)

12.  You finally started enjoying your bouncy chair…it vibrates and plays music.  You “veg out” every time you sit in it!

13.  You started losing your hair!!  Mommy gave you a bath and rubbed your hair a little to vigorously and when she was done she realized your sideburns were missing and felt really bad :-(  Daddy tried to make Mommy feel better and said it was bound to fall out anyways…thank goodness he didn’t freak out!

14.  You started falling asleep on your own in the swing.  Mommy & Daddy used to have to rock you to sleep and our backs would ache so much!

15.  On the eve of your 2nd month birthday, Mom & Dad gave you a bath and you noticed yourself in the mirror for the first time and I think you liked what you saw because you couldn’t stop staring!  You noticed Mom & Dad too which we thought was super cool :-)

Thank you so much sweetheart for coming into our lives!  While both Daddy and I agree that being new parents can be quite challenging, we are so in love with you!  Seeing you smile makes us so happy and we just love taking pictures of you so that we remember all of the sweet moments we might soon forget when you start doing other “cool” things :-)  Who knew seeing you hold up your head by yourself for just a few seconds would make us SOOOOO proud?  I’m already looking forward to all the other milestones you will hit this year…and I’m sure I will be sad at the same time!  You will learn soon enough that your Mommy is one big sap and will most definitely cry with every big milestone you reach.  I will try my best to try and enjoy you in the present and soak up each moment instead of worrying about the day when you will be all grown up and leave us to live a life of your own.  I love you my sweet little angel…until next month!  xoxo

This past month in pictures:

Most of the time when I look at Evie I see Doug, but in this picture below I swear I think she looks like me!

I was supposed to do this picture when she was a newborn, but of course time escaped me…thank goodness she was in a cooperative mood!

Evie in my favorite onesie!

If you scroll down to her one month post below you will see my first attempt with this picture…the second attempt turned out a lot better.

Evie with Grandpa & her cousins Sydney & Elle!

First Picture with Santa!

My little Peppermint Princess :-)

Can’t get enough of her smile!

Power to the People!

Who says you can’t pair a fancy headpiece with jammies?

Evie is wasn’t sure if she wanted to take a walk or not…this is her pensive look :-)

Evie contemplating her first 2 months of life…

She likes bath time until it’s time to wash her hair! EEEEKKKK!!

Happy 2 Months to be sweet baby girl!

Amy: She's such a beauty, Trista! And don't worry, Starbucks runs start around 3 months :) January 8, 2013 4:19 pm

Kandi Du: Evie is so adorable <3! She is definitely the image of you and Doug together. You are doing a great job so far :). As for me, Kassidy woke every 30 minutes to be fed for about 9 months. Now she is 6 years old and sleeps seems unnecessary most of the time. I hope you don't end up like me. Even though Kassidy is 6 years old now sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just watch her sleeping for a little bit before I go back to sleep. Hang in there and enjoy every second with Evie <3. January 7, 2013 7:56 pm