Joy & Alex were referred to me by one of my sweetest couples Russel & Rachel.  I always love when I get to work with couples that have been referred to me because there is a sense of trust that is already established.  They are familiar with my work, work ethic, etc and know what to expect which is always great.  It actually works both ways too because for me, I know that if there friends with my couple, they obviously must be cool too, right? As the saying goes…birds of a feather flock together :-)

The day we shot Joy & Alex’s engagement session was beautiful which for us was really lucky because we got rained out twice and had to reschedule their shoot!  Their little fur babies joined us for the first half of the shoot and they were total naturals :-)  Working with pets can be challenging (especially two of them!) but the shoot went off without a hitch :-)  The day was all around perfect as you’ll see in the pictures below…the lighting was perfection which always makes me happy!

I can’t wait for Joy & Alex’s wedding in June which is set to take place at the beautiful Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate and Vineyard! For now, enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session!

I love when my clients incorporate their fur babies into their engagement photos!

Work it girl!

They make a cute couple, don’t they?!

Sexy sexy!


Nothing beats golden afternoon light!

One of my ultra favs!  I will choose a simple beautiful portrait over a great background any day!

This is a very big month for the Lerit Family!  Doug and I are celebrating our 10 Year Dating Anniversary today!  How did we celebrate?  Well…let’s see, Doug brought home In-N-Out for dinner and we cheered on Evie as she did her tummy time!  LOL…while it may sound totally unromantic it really is the perfect way to have spent today.  You see, after being together for 10 years, what makes me the happiest is just knowing that I have the love of my life by my side and our sweet baby girl.  That is really all I need in this world.  Of course we have dinner plans for later in the week and I’m sure we’ll enjoy a nice night out just the two of us but really, I’m more looking forward to spending time with Doug tonight watching some TV on the couch later…you see, we’re made for each other…two couch potatoes in love :-)

I just wanted to write Doug a little love note to let him know that he is the bestest friend and husband I could have ever asked for.  He is my rock, my strength when I’m weak, my sanity when I’m a little crazy (LOL), my comic relief and most importantly, the best father I could have ever imagined for our sweet little girl.  He really is everything I need in a man…of course he could be a little less quick tempered but nobody is perfect ;-)  I know I’m sure not!  That’s what being in a relationship is though…taking the good with the bad as long as the bad is not TOO bad ;-)  I’m sure all you married folk know what I’m talking about…I’m all about keeping it real around these parts :-D

With that said, Happy 10 Year Dating Anniversary Sweetheart!  Let’s hope the next 10 years are just as wonderful if not better than the last! xoxo

Now onto other important news…our little Evie just celebrated her 3 months on 2/7/13!  How time flies!  Just a little love note to my sweet girl telling her all of my favorite moments I’ve spent with her this month:

1.  You are such a happy & smiley baby!  Every morning when you wake up and I come to get you, you give me the BIGGEST smile!  Now if you can just do that for our guests that come over to visit that would be super cool so they can experience the joy that I do when I see your smile :-)

2. At your 11 week appointment, your doctor asked me if you were hitting your milestones such as lifting your head up, smiling, cooing, etc.  While she was listening to your heart, you looked at her straight in the eyes and started cooing at her…it was the cutest thing!  She said you were a very sociable baby!

3. You have been sleeping so well compared to when you were 2 months old!  It’s as if a switched turned on and you became more predictable.  You fall asleep much easier and you have one really long nap in the middle of the day which lets mom get some work done.  Now if you can just consolidate your other shorter naps into another long nap life would be perfect :-)

4. Your grandma has been staying over at our house helping us out and you just ADORE her!  She talks and sings to you in Vietnamese and you just can’t get enough!  While she talks to you, you wiggle your hands and feet and she just loves it…she wonders “What’s going on inside Evie’s mind when she wiggles all around like that?”

5. I’m starting to notice that your size 1 diapers seem to be a little snug even though we switched you over not too long ago.  You weighed 11.65 lbs at your 11 week appointment and your cheeks definitely show that you’re carrying a lot of your weight in there.  They are nice and firm when we kiss them :-)

6. You started using a pacifier but we noticed you don’t always need it.  You first want it when you’re ready to go to sleep and some time after you sleep you spit it out.  I’m not sure if this is normal or not but I’m glad you don’t need it all the time since I’m afraid you’ll need braces when you get older.  Who am I kidding…you will need braces when you get older because both me and your Dad had horrible teeth when we were younger.

7. One of my new favorite things you’ve been doing is that sometimes I just lay you down on my bed and lay next to you and if you’re tired enough you will fall asleep like that instead of needing to be rocked to sleep.  I love this time because I just stare at your sweet little round face and sneak in kisses every now and then.  I love the way your little face smells and could smell it all day especially after you have a new onesie on and smell like your laundry detergent Dreft :-)

8. You started losing your hair in the back of your head from rubbing it against your swing so much…it’s funny & cute although I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll look with hair!

9. You love when I sing to you even though I only know the ABC’s, Mary Had A little Lamb, part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and one other song that I don’t know the title of.  You sing along and get this cute little look on your face…I promise to learn more songs :-)

10. Right now you’re sleeping around 5-6 hours a night although you have done one 9.5 hour stretch which was very awesome!!!

11. You semi giggled for the first time with Grandma…I wish I could have been there to see it!  You did another semi giggle for Grandma in the backseat when you were going to your 11 week Dr. appointment.

12. You love sucking on your fingers all the time which makes them smell like Macaroni & Cheese because of the special formula you are on for your allergies.  No matter how many times I clean them they are permanently stinky :-)  I still love them though so don’t worry :-)

13. You LOVE your jungle gym and get happy when I lay you down on there.  You kick your legs to the music and you can lay there for what seems like a very long time!  I try to do tummy time on there with you but you do not like it still..hopefully whatever tummy time I can sneak in the day will be enough because mommy does not want to get in trouble with your pediatrician!

14. You still do not like being put in your car seat but as long as the car is moving you are fine.  If there is traffic though, oh boy, you have a fit!!!

That’s it for now my sweet pea…I love you so much and can’t wait to see what new changes are in store for the next month!  Take your time though…mommy can only handle so much change in such a short period of time!  xoxo

My baby sweetheart!

Pacifiier Drunk???

Love her sweet smile :-)

My sweet pea!

Sleepy Angel :-) I love how rosy her cheeks get!

Love this!  Here she is with her BFF…not sure what to call him except the “dangly” thing from her bouncy chair :-)

I can’t get enough!!!

LOL..she looks so funny with her hair slicked back :-)  Major cheeks here!

One of my all time favorite pics!

I’m so lucky to get these smiles all the time!

She does this with her hands A LOT!!!

Daddy’s favorite picture of her :-)  I think navy blue is her color :-)

Can’t believe it’s been 3 months already!  Trying to remember to cherish every single second!

Drew: I love her and her sweet little smiles! So happy I got to see and hold her at B's party! February 16, 2013 8:09 am

Jamie B: Oh Trista! She is so so adorable. I love your updates on her. February 12, 2013 9:12 am

vanessa: Trista, i am clinging to your words as if they were my own. i want that baby stage back! ahhhhh!!! Miss Evie could not be any more adorable! She is so smiley, even her eyes are smiley! Big hugs to both of you, and happy anniversary to you and Doug! Let's take the strollers out (for reals) soon!!! LOL Miss you, xoxoxo - V February 12, 2013 2:03 am