Karen & Chuck live in New York but decided to get married in sunny Santa Monica, California!  They totally lucked out because their wedding day was just sunny & gorgeous which I’m sure is exactly what they wanted :-)  These two lovebirds met at a costume party and have been together ever since!  I loved seeing them together because you could see their love is truly genuine and they are just like two peas in a pod!  During the reception I caught them constantly being lovey dovey with each other (which you would think is a normal occurrence at a wedding) but often times couples get so caught up in talking to guests, makings the rounds, etc that they barely get a chance to spend time TOGETHER.  Not these two…they were always dancing and smiling together which I just loved.

I see a very bright future for these two…CONGRATS Karen & Chuck on saying your I DO’s!  I wish you both nothing but the best! xoxo

I adored Karen’s Monique Lhuillier gown!

Karen was glowing on her wedding day!  Love this moment with her mom putting on her veil :-)

Love this!  Their suite at Casa Del Mar was like a condo!

I love the look on Karen’s face as she approaches Chuck for their “first look”.

Chuck was thrilled to see her obviously :-)

Their gorgeous bridal party :-)

The happy couple :-)

Some California sunshine for this NY couple :-)

Karen really wanted a shot on the spiral staircase…she has a great eye!  Love how dramatic this is!

The ballroom was set up beautifully for their ceremony…

Karen and her adorable parents :-)

Love how happy Karen is here!

The new Mr. & Mrs!

Lighting is SO important to set the mood for ANY event but especially a wedding reception!

The florals were fantastic…

Love how happy Chuck looks during their first dance as husband & wife!

Karen was clearly emotional during her father’s welcoming toast!

Karen is clearly the apple of her father’s eyes :-)

Happy Ending to a lovely evening!

Thanks to the following vendors for making Karen & Chuck’s Wedding AMAZING!!! :

Event Planner: Picture Perfect Events (thanks Kelley for referring Karen & Chuck to me…it is ALWAYS a pleasure working with you and your amazing team!!!)

Ceremony and Reception Location: Casa del Mar

Florist: Fleuretica

Ceremony Musicians: El Real Chamber Players

Reception Entertainment: Bob Gail Band, “Jump Start”

Lighting: G2 Audio and Lighting

Baker: Epicurean Umbrella

Videographer : Today’s the day Weddings

OC Kimble: What a beautiful wedding! I love the cake! Your photos are amazing. April 17, 2013 10:55 am

I know I said that I would post my story on recovering from postpartum depression this week but I need a bit more time.  I’ve already started it but I need to really give it the time it deserves to really tell the story…if I’m going to share, I want to share the good, bad, and the ugly.  With that, requires lots of time to make sure I don’t leave anything out that might help even one person out there.  In the mean time, I did want to blog about something that is related to my recovery from postpartum depression.

We’re heading to Georgia to visit Doug’s family tomorrow and I was in the midst of backing up all my important files before our trip when I came across the picture of Evie on the day we left the hospital.  An overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me that scared me.  I thought to myself “oh no…is it back?  Is the postpartum depression slowly creeping it’s way back in?  ”No” my heart answered.  I was so completely heart broken that my little baby girl will never be this tiny ever again.  She is growing by the second and the realization that there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to stop it kills me.  There are times that I wish I could just go back for a day just to relive those sweet moments I let slip by because I just didn’t know any better.  I was too sleep deprived to know any better.  All I can hope is that I’m lucky enough to experience having a newborn baby again..maybe this next time around I can enjoy myself.  In my head though, I keep thinking “nothing will ever feel as special as the FIRST time”.  Am I wrong?  I hope so!  New mom’s…have you felt this way too?  Mother’s out there who have more than one baby…how was your experience like with your children that came after your first???  I would love to hear from all of you!

In the mean time…I better start packing before Doug kills me :-)

Janet: I can completely relate to all the things you've expressed ! I had a really bad case of postpartum depression =( but never could express it and i still cant. I dont have it anymore but i missed so many countless things with my daughter. I have pictures starting her 2nd months haha i feel really bad when people ask me where pics before that were - it was survival mode then. It sounds bad but at times i hope to have a second so i can make things right - im super OCD =( even though there's not a right or a wrong way. I cant deny that when the thought of a second baby comes by, I get scared that ill have postpartum depression again =(. I look forward to your post about your postpartum depression experience and how youve conquered it ! Hope you and your family have a great time on your trip. Safe travels. March 16, 2013 11:49 am

Jess: I have three children and I can promise you that each time you give birth, it is its own unique and exciting experience each time. As you hold your tiny newborn in your arms the second time, you releash the tininess even more as you gaze at your now-suddenly-grown-up first born. And seeing the bond of siblings form? Priceless. Having a newborn is never "easy", but it does get a bit easier the second time only because you know what to expect. March 16, 2013 6:08 am