I can’t believe that it’s been 6 months since my little girl came into the world!  I was supposed to do a 5 month highlight last month but what can I say…I’m a new mom still trying to get used to taking care of a baby and manage life as it is now.  I’ve had a couple of bumps along the way but each day gets a little easier.  I still have my blog post on recovering from my PPD in the draft section of my blog and was all set to finish it but life has a funny way of working sometimes.  Just as I was about to finish the last few paragraphs, I had a minor setback…but things seem to be back on track and I think I’m ready to finish the post (it may just become a series of posts).  If you didn’t already know, pregnancy and childbirth wreak havoc on a woman’s body not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  It took me 9 months to grow a human being so of course it’s only natural that it would take about that long for my body, mind, & spirit to rebound as well.  I just wanted things to get better as quickly as possible but sometimes things just happen and you just kind have to roll with it.  That’s the approach I’m trying to take in being a mom too…although some days are easier than others.  Just like every other mom out there, I want to be the “best” mom to my daughter but trying to be perfect all the time will drive anyone insane.  So, I’m slowly letting myself relax a little bit and not feeling like I have to be “on” all the time when I’m with my daughter.  It’s okay to just lay in bed and quietly play with her…I don’t always have to be reading a book to her or trying to get her to roll over because she is “delayed” in that department.

I have the rest of my life to be a mother and the last thing I want to do is run myself ragged trying to be perfect…good grief, it’s only been 6 months!  If I want to keep my sanity in check I know I need to take it easy and not be so hard on myself…and hopefully if you’re a mom or going to be a mom, you’ll remember to do this too :-)

Now, a letter to my precious Evie:

My sweet little baby, you have grown so much these past couple of months!  It boggles my mind to know that you are already half a year old!

Your personality is just really coming through and each couple of days you’re doing something new!  I absolutely adore seeing your smile when I come to get you from your naps and just love smelling your sweet breath every chance I get.  You probably think this is weird but I swear,  you have the sweetest breath and I could just smell it all day long :-)  Everyone in the family just adores you and I feel so lucky to have so many people in our lives that love you!

I am really trying to embrace and enjoy every single moment of every day because time is just flying by and before I know it, you’ll be starting kindergarten!  Lord help me when that day comes because I will be a weeping, sobbing mess!  Even when you go off to college though you will always be that sweet little baby that laid quietly on my chest just moments after you came into the world.  I think of that day often because I never want to forget it.  It was the day my life changed forever and the day that my sole purpose in life was to be your mom.  I promise to try my very hardest to be the best mom I can be to you…just be a little patient with me okay?  I’m not perfect and know that I’ll make mistakes.  I’m sure there are days where we’ll both test each others patience but that’s life!  I remember when I was a teen, your Grandmother and I would go at it every other day it seemed like.  Now, 20 years later, I cherish her so much and turn to her for guidance and strength when I feel weak and scared.  I hope you never have to feel any pain in life but if you do I want you to know that I will ALWAYS be there to catch you when you fall and prop you right back up :-)

I love you more than you will ever know my sweet pea…until next month!

5 Month Highlights:

1.  You’ve started really playing with your jungle gym toys instead of just looking at them.

2.  I napped with you for the first time and it felt so wonderful!  Although it was mostly you napping and me watching you sleep :-)

3.  You giggled one day when you saw your bottle right before I fed you…you know your bottle was coming and was so happy!

4.  You are able to pull your paci out of your mouth and put it back in as long as you keep it close to your face after you take it out.

5.  You touched your daddy’s face when he was feeding you and it was the cutest thing ever!

6.  When you get happy, you bounce your legs up and down like you’re dancing :-)

7.  You blew your first raspberry!  I copied you and blew a raspberry too and then you copied me and blew more raspberries…so adorable!

8.  You discovered your feet and started playing with them!

9.  You rolled from your tummy to back but I think it was kind of by accident.

10.  You slept in your crib for the first time!  I thought you were going to fight it but you were okay the first night…emphasis on FIRST :-)  On the second and third days you woke up a few times so we figure you weren’t ready and moved you back to your swing.

11.  This has more to do with me than you but I had my first dream that included you in it!  Sprinkles had just opened up their ice cream store and in the dream we went to get
ice cream but they didn’t have any left :-(

12.  You went on your first airplane ride!  Mommy and Daddy were very nervous on how the plane ride would go.  Aside from you projectile vomiting right before and during the flight, it went pretty
smoothly :-)  We think the first time you vomited was because we overfed you but the second time were not quite sure what happened.  Anyhow, the flight back home was pretty uneventful (thank goodness!).

13.  When we were in Georgia visiting daddy’s family, we witnessed you talking in your sleep and our hearts just melted :-)

Here you are at the airport!

Sleeping on the plane!  I had hoped you would sleep for most of the flight but you only slept for the first half hour or so.  Check out your super cute hand dimples!!!

Our little family at Aunt Melissa’s House on St. Patrick’s Day in Georgia :-)

That smile…I love that smile!  Check out your toes!  For some reason, you always curls your toes together :-)

Us napping together…I love it!

LOL…”caught in the act” is what I call this image :-)  We were having a nice dinner in Georgia and the restaurant was dark so I took a “flash” shot of you sitting so nicely in your car seat and this was the result :-)  So cute!

One of my all time FAVORITE images of you!  It just melts my heart every time I look at it :-)  BTW, you normally don’t sleep with a headband.

First picture with the Easter Bunny!  You were whatev’s about him…just like your picture with Santa.  I guess you’re not easily impressed by “celebrities” :-)

Just melt my heart why don’t you?!  I can’t get enough of you!  Your cheeks and arms in this picture are to die for…I just want to eat them up!

At your first Easter Brunch after we went to Church with Daddy :-)

Sitting up all by yourself (with a little help) :-)

You sleeping in your crib for the first time!

On our play date with little James and Sisi and their mommies!

Just look at that face!

On another playdate with your buddy Abbie and her mommy :-)

6 Month Highlights:

1.  You cried at your first stranger!

2.  You had your first real “belly laugh” with Grandma!  We were visiting her for the day and she was trying to get you to laugh all day and she said one day you say the magic word
and all of a sudden she will laugh like crazy…we just have to figure what it is.  So later that day, you were playing under your jungle gym and Grandma took a piece of cloth
and was waving it in front of you.  You grabbed onto it and as she yanked it away from you, you squealed with delight!  She did it again and you started laughing.  Eventually
you were blowing raspberries like crazy.  I’m so happy I got this on video!  I can’t wait to show you one day :-)

3.  You sort of reach out when someone reaches their arms out to you but you don’t do this on a regular basis yet…it’s still cool to see when you do reach out though!

4.  You’ve started “screaming” when you play.  This happens randomly and I just love hearing you have so much fun discovering all the sounds you can make!

5.  One day you let out a big burp and we BOTH started laughing hysterically…I loved every second of it and wished daddy was there to see it :-)

6.  You finally put your toes in your mouth!!!  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and was so happy to finally see it.  I actually got it on video too which made me so happy :-)

7.  You started bouncing in your jumperoo!  I kept bugging daddy to put it together and he said you weren’t ready yet.  Finally I got him to put it together and when we first put you in
you didn’t seem to like it but eventually you got the hang of it and now you love it!  You do the bouncing with your right foot while your left foot just kind of chills there bouncing only occasionally :-)

8.  You officially moved into your crib on 4/26/13!  We just took your swing away cold turkey and you’ve done pretty good in there.  The only thing is you take 30 min naps when you used to take longer naps in your swing!  I’m so tempted to let you nap in there but I’m hoping you’ll eventually start taking longer naps.  Mommy has actually been researching this very subject for weeks now because I know how important it is for you to take longer naps as opposed to “cat naps”.

9.  I discovered one day when I was about to put you into the crib that when I kiss you under your chin you get ticklish!  Once I realized this I try to do this as often as possible hoping for some reaction.  Usually I get one but it’s still never enough.  I love hearing your giggle :-)

10.  You’ve started paying attention to the little plush Toucan bird on your jungle gym in the far bottom corner.  For long he went unnoticed due to his low positioning but one day you turned your head and he was right there.  Soon I noticed, you would always turn to look at him and eventually started playing with him.  This may seem like nothing major but it’s something that I want to remember because it shows me that you’re growing and noticing more of the world around you :-)

11.  You’ve started leaning forward in your car seat which tells me that you’re getting stronger!

12.  You’ve starting making growling noises for some reason which I can only imagine is you testing out new “vocal” skills :-)

13.  You have this “face” that you do that I call the “shy/embarrassed” face.  It’s kind of like your biting your bottom lip slightly and you have a little smile at the same time…it’s the cutest thing and I can just imagine you doing it when you’re a little older and you get shy if introduced to someone new or embarrassed when I’ve caught you doing something silly.  I can’t wait to see if you actually do this face when these occasions arise…only time will tell!

14.  You are VERY TALL!  I was looking forward to your 6 month check up to see what your stats were and I guessed you would be 90th percentile in height while your dad guessed 80th percentile.  Turns out, we were both wrong.  You are 95th percentile in height!!!  In weight, you are 55th percentile and head circumference you are 75th percentile.  While I’m happy that you are growing nicely, there is a part of me that wants your percentile numbers to be lower because in my mind this will extend your “babyhood” :-)

Here you are flying after your diaper change!

Mandatory tummy time…you still have no interest in rolling over!  The doctor said at your 6 month visit that we need to work on this otherwise you need to see a therapist to teach you how to roll…OMG….really?!  We gotta get working on this baby girl!

The gums….I can’t handle the gums!

Look at you…already posing for mommy :-)  Good girl!

LOL…this shirt says it all :-)  You have your Grandpa wrapped around your little pinky!

Just a cute outfit I wanted to capture…

The infamous “crossing of the feet”…you do this ALL THE TIME!

In another cute outfit your auntie Melissa got you :-)

This is the face you make when the Jets win!!!

and when they lose…

Thigh chub…need I say more?

Posing with the fun books that Grandma & Grandpa got you!  You look so happy here…I love it!

OMG…I just love everything about this picture…the outfit, the headband, the baby… :-)

Having fun in your jumperoo!

I can’t get enough of your toes…even though your middle toe seems like it belongs to another pair of feet and not yours :-)  Your daddy says it will work itself out…well see :-)

The expression on your face is priceless!

Rockin’ the faux hawk :-)

On your first hike!

You loved it!

More tummy time in the crib…

6 Months…where did the time go!???

Jess: She's doing great!! And so are you, momma :) Just keep truckin'! Don't let a PT eval scare you, ok? I've had one child that needed some early intervention already and another one that needs braces to walk. Just take it all in stride :) A little help now means they won't need help later! May 12, 2013 6:19 pm

Janet: I love reading your posts ! You have such a beautiful daughter. Her feet crossings are the cutest thing ive seen =) May 11, 2013 8:32 pm