I absolutely LOVE when I get to capture my couples after the “wedding chapter” in their lives :-)  I photographed Cecilia and Collin’s wedding not too long ago and I was delighted when Cecilia contacted me to capture her baby boy Flynn :-)

I’ve been in a “I miss Evie being a newborn” phase and I realized on my way to Cecilia and Collin’s house that I was going to get see a newborn!  It was soooooo sweet getting to see baby Flynn all bundled up and asleep so cozily.  Evie being that tiny seems like such a distant memory to me!  All the little “newborn” things that Flynn did I swore Evie did too but I couldn’t remember her doing them which of course made me want to have another baby right away!  Thanks goodness I’ve come to my senses for now and will delay another baby for a little while longer…I have my hands full already with my little rascal Evie :-)  At least I got my fix with Flynn though!  He is such a sweet baby boy and it was so nice getting to capture Cecilia and Collin as parents…they seem like total naturals only 11 days in.  That’s a lot better than I was when Evie was born…I was a complete wreck!  Looks like these two will have lots of fun in the next few months as they settle into parenthood :-)

Cecilia, Collin, and Baby Flynn…it was so wonderful getting to see you all!  Wishing you nothing but healthy & happiness for many years to come!

Cecilia & Collin did such an amazing job styling Flynn’s room, didn’t they??

I die!  Baby Flynn is wearing the same exact UCLA onesie that Collin wore as a baby…how sweet is that??


The happy family!

Proud Papa :-)

Sweet baby boy :-)

Beautiful Momma & Baby :-)

So precious!!

Look how Tiny he looks next to Daddy’s hand!

I want one!!!

Last but not least…their super adorable furbaby!!!