Connor’s Turning Two!

October.30.2014 | Rascals

Connor is one of Evie’s best buds :-)  They were born just days apart and me and Connor’s mom were “prego” buddies and would text each other ALL the time during our pregnancies about how excited we were, if we felt the babies move yet, how swollen our feet were…you name it, we texted about it!  I miss those good ol’ days…looking forward to the birth of your first child is one of the most special times in your life!  I’ll always look back on those days with fond memories and will always remember the text I got from Loan to announce Connor’s arrival.  In that same text, Loan also told me that little Connor had Down Syndrome.  My heart sank the second I read that line…because I put myself in her shoes and could feel the fear of the unknown.  Not knowing what Connor may or may not be capable of doing in the future, all the special needs he might have…being a new mom is scary enough but being a new mom to a child with special needs is beyond anything I was able to comprehend.  However, if there is anything I am sure of it’s that Loan and Tony were MEANT to be Connor’s parents.  From the beginning they were SO strong and advocated for Connor from the getgo.  Due to their commitment, Connor has thrived and has reached many milestones!  I feel so honored to have been able to witness Connor growing up these past 2 years.  I can’t wait till Connor and Evie are older and can play together, laugh together, and reach new milestones together.

Loan, Tony, and Connor…the Lerit’s are truly lucky to call you guys friends!  Looking forward to many more years of memories! xoxo

This is now the third time I’ve captured Jolene and Gerric.  The first session was for their 5 year wedding Anniversary and the second was for her first maternity session.  Jolene and I share something very special…we were both pregnant with our first babies at the same time and gave birth within a couple of weeks of each other.  I remember when Jolene had just brought her sweet little Abbie home.  I messaged her a congrats and she replied and told me to try and enjoy the time before the baby comes because the first week is CRAZY.  She said people had warned her but nothing really prepares you until you’re “in it”.  I remember messaging Jolene right after Evie was born and telling her how RIGHT she was!  We exchanged crazy stories of crying at the drop of a hat (us, not the babies), breastfeeding woes, lack of sleep, etc.  I felt at that particular moment, Jolene was probably the only person that really understood what I was going through because she was facing the same difficulties I was at the exact same time.  We were both first time mothers so overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities we had…particularly the difficulties of breastfeeding (nobody tells you how hard it can be!!).  We both beat ourselves up over the fact that we couldn’t seem to get it “right”.  I will ALWAYS remember the encouraging texts Jolene sent to me during those difficult first few months.

Now, Jolene is expecting baby girl #2 in just a month!  I feel so honored to be able to capture this beautiful chapter in Jolene & Gerric’s life.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both our families as they continue to grow!  Love you Tetangco family!

I adore this one of Jolene reading to her sweet little Abbie.  It was SO fun getting to chat with Abbie…since she is Evie’s age, she reminded me so much of her and I just wanted to squeeze her and love on her as if she were my own!

Jolene is a beautiful mommy, isn’t she?!

Jolene and Gerric are two of the sweetest people Doug and I have met…I wish we could be next door neighbors!

I adore this one!!  I must give a special shout out to my fab friend/client Annaliza for letting Jolene borrow this beautiful dress!  Jolene asked me where Annaliza got this dress that she wore for HER maternity session and when I asked, Annaliza offered to lend it to Jolene…I mean how awesome is that, right?!

Love the beautiful afternoon sun!


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