- I’m OBSESSED with the colors black and white and even more obsessed with Hollywood Regency Design.

- When I was in the 1st grade, kids called me Alfalfa because I had a cowlick that stuck up just like his.  To this day, that cowlick is the bane of my existence.

- I love doing “nothing” with my husband Doug and my two shih tzu’s Mochi & Spunki Brewster.

- Is there such a thing as “Caramel Macchiatos Anonymous”?  If so, I need to go to a meeting asap.

- If I had to choose between shoes or clothes I would choose shoes.  After all, shoes will still fit me no matter what size my waistline is.

- Getting “thank you” emails from happy clients makes my heart smile..it really is one of the best perks of my job!

- I’m currently loving Justin & George NozukaGreen Tea Ice Cream from Rite Aid, Etsy, Shabu Shabu, and Munchos..actually I’m kinda getting over Munchos so scratch that.

- Spending quality time with my family and dear friends is what I will cherish forever and ever!

- Gloomy days make me very happy :-)

- I’m a Gemini..everybody knows that Gemini’s are…well…I’m not actually sure but every time I tell someone I’m a Gemini they say “of course…it totally makes sense now”.  After googling “Gemini”, I think this description actually describes me to a “T”.

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