So I’m a bit behind on blogging Evie’s last 3 months of milestones since there is so much I want to say but couldn’t wait to share some pics from her First Birthday Party!  I knew I wanted it to be extra special so I enlisted the help of the oh-so-talented Larrissa Rehder of Inviting Occasion.  Larrissa is THE most talented event designer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I feel so lucky that she was able to create the “whimsical wonderland” I wanted for Evie’s birthday.  The inspiration for the party came from two cakes that were designed by the ever-so-fabulous Lindsey Sinatra of A Wish and A Whisk.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Lindsey’s work for a couple years now and always follow her on Facebook to see her latest creations.  When I saw the two cakes below, I was awe struck!  They are works of art as are all of her cakes!  I showed Larrissa these two cakes and told her to create a theme based around the cakes.  She ran with it and what she came up with is nothing short of amazing! I loved every single detail and what pushed it over the top was Lindsey’s beautiful creation for Evie’s cake.  I really had no idea what the cake was going to look like because I just told Lindsey to do whatever she wanted because I knew it would be fab.  She knew how much I loved her two cakes so I though they would be something similar but what she created was above and beyond my wildest dreams!  I literally gasped when I saw it for the first time!!  The desserts for the dessert buffet created by the also fabulous Sweet & Saucy shop complimented Lindsey’s cake perfectly and just made my heart happy with delight!  The linens pulled everything together thanks to my wonderful friends over at Modmix Studio!

I can’t thank these awesome ladies enough for making Evie’s birthday the best EVER!  I will remember this day forever and look forward to showing these pictures to Evie one day!  Not only was this celebration honoring Evie’s first year of life, it was also a celebration of Doug and I surviving our first year of parenthood!  As all you parents out there know, the first year is a doozy and the fact we made it out alive is an accomplishment in and of itself!

Here are just a few highlights from the day…stay tuned for my upcoming blogs on Evie’s last 3 months and other blog posts about my year as a first time mom!

Evie’s beautiful letterpress invitation was done by my good friend Therese Hernando from Felix Rhys Paperie.  Since Evie was going to have a bubble artist at her party I thought it would be cute to incorporate that into the invitation!

My little princess in her tutu dress!  I loved it!

The whole room setup…

Larrissa did a fantastic job on the florals!


The ballroom had these 3 chandeliers that were bleh but Larrissa transformed them into something pretty!

The dessert buffet!

Loved all the cute little desserts from Sweet & Saucy

The OMG cake by A Wish and A Whisk

Close up of the details…I don’t even want to know how many hours it took to create all the flowers, butterflies, lady bugs, birds, flowers…and my fav, the little bird in the birds nest!

We had a caricature artist there…what do you think…does it look like us?  Thanks to Joseph Yakovetic!

The balloon artist from Super Inflated was a hit!  Love the jetpack my sister is wearing!

Very special thank you to the guys over at Burger Monster for catering the party!  They did a fantastic job as always and I look forward to working with them again in the future!  Here they are at my baby shower last year…

The bubble artist was a hit too!  Thanks to Best Bubble Parties!

My little Evie in a bubble!

Her smash cake from Albertsons!  I had this romanticized idea of making Evie’s cake all by myself and then came to the quick conclusion that it would be disastrous to even try so a couple days before the party I scrambled and just decided to go the easy route.  It turned out really cute I think!

“Happy Birthday to you….Happy birthday to you…”

I didn’t want her to get too messy…just enough mess will do!

Feel so blessed to have my own little family!  What a way to celebrate 1 year of life!

Linda Nguyen Gallucci: Trista, you threw the most amazingly beautiful 1st birthday party! I love the romantic, whimsical, fairytale theme. Wow - I don't know if anyone can top that party. You two are awesome parents, and Evie is going to look back and say my parents are the BEST. Congrats again on getting through the 1st year! Best wishes to your family. <3, Linda, Bill, and Will Gallucci November 13, 2013 2:24 pm

Soooooooo….I’m a bit behind on Evie’s updates if you couldn’t tell from the title of this post!  Life has been just so crazy with me trying to balance motherhood and work but that didn’t mean that I stopped documenting all of Evie’s milestones!  I send myself little emails all the time when she does something new/cool so that I can put it in her update for her which is the only way I’d remember anything….thank goodness!  Evie has grown SOOOOO much in the past 3 months but especially in the past month!  I can’t believe in less than 3 months she will be 1 year old…that is insane!  This year just flew by and I don’t even know how it happened.  Not only has Evie grown but so have I.  In my case there, were definitely some growing pains (of which I still want to talk about).  There were some ups and downs along the way and just when things seemed to be getting better, they would get worse and I would find myself distraught wondering if life would ever feel “normal” again.  What I continually have to remind myself is that the normal I once knew is gone forever and I have to accept it.  There is a NEW normal now and I’m slowly but surely accepting it as my life now.  This isn’t to say that by accepting it I’m saying the NEW is bad…it’s just different, and hard, and scary….but also wonderful, exciting, fun, joyful, and many more good things :-)

And with that…I’d like to say just a few good things to my Evie:

My sunshine…you brighten up my day every morning when I walk into your room and see your sweet little face.  You have given me a gift that nobody else could…the gift of loving someone more than yourself.  I would give up my life for you in a heartbeat…now that is some serious love.  I wish one day you could FEEL how much I love you but don’t really know if that’s possible.  Sure there are days when I’m tired and I need a break from being Mommy…but that just means I need time to remember who I am.  I need time to make ME happy so that I can make you and Daddy happy.  One day you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…that is if you decide to have kids which I hope you do!  Then I can experience all the joys of parenthood without all the work ;-)

I love you forever and ever my sweetheart!!

7 Months:

1.  You rolled over from your back to your tummy without any help from me!

2.  You said mama!  Although you were crying when you said it and it was more like “ma ma ma ma” but I’ll take it :-)

3.  You sat up by yourself for 10 seconds!

4.  You flipped over while being swaddled which meant we’d have to stop swaddling you!  We’ve been swaddling you since you were
a newborn so this is a huge change!

5.  You love looking at your hands as you move them!

6.  You’ve been teething this month so you’ve been refusing to open your mouth for your bottle!

7.  You tried Oatmeal & purees for the first time!  However, you didn’t really like either

8.  Now that we’ve unswaddled you, we notice you like sleeping on your left side facing the wall.

9.  I started reading you stories before bedtime and one day you looked up at me and smiled…it was the cutest thing ever :-)

10.  When I take something away from you that you want you start crying for it now!

11.  You’re starting to stand more with your legs when I hold you up

12.  You visited San Francisco for the first time when Mommy had to shoot a wedding up there!  We had to pack SO much stuff for you to come but it was so worth it when we got to bunk with you in our hotel room :-)

13.  You celebrated my first mother’s day with me and the whole family!  Daddy took us to one of my favorite japanese restaurants and I had a really good time.  You and Daddy got me a mini iPad with it engraved on the back…it was very sweet :-)

You and Mommy on my very first Mother’s Day!!  Look at those cheeks!!

I love this picture!  Daddy got it framed for me and it sits in our living room where I see it everyday when I walk up the stairs :-)

You had a blast at your cousin Olivia’s “Super Hero” themed birthday party!

You love letting Spunki lick you…sometimes even in your mouth…LOL :-)

Look at my beautiful baby girl!!

Your first time eating peas!

Your brother Mochi and you :)

Just look at that smile!!

Our romantic dinner of 3 in San Francisco :-)

The 3 of us celebrating Mommie’s 35th birthday and 8 Year Wedding Anniversary (yes, mommy got married on the same day as her birthday!) at the Montage in Laguna Beach.

You in your Zipadeezip.  You’ve been swaddled since birth so Mommy Googled “weaning from swaddling” and found this contraption…it worked!!!

The special cake Daddy got Mommy for her birthday!  I lovvvveeeddd it :-)

Your Auntie Nicole came to visit you for the very first time and had so much fun with you!!

You enjoying some fun in the sun :-)

Mommy saw this pic of you and immediately thought of the picture on the right of Mommy when she was a baby!  While we don’t look exactly alike, the smile and chin are very close!!

Love this!!

7 months!!!

8 months:

1.  You started taking 1 long nap a day…OMG…do you realize how amazing this is?  For the past few months, you would consistently take 30 min naps only.  Now you’ll take one long nap that lasts at least an hour which is major!

2.  You cut your first tooth!  It was your left bottom tooth.  I’m not gonna lie…I was excited to see it but also sad.  Your gummy smile was so “babylike”…now with a tooth, it was the beginning of becoming a toddler!

3.  You’ve been screaming and grunting a lot…not sure why but maybe you just like hearing yourself vocalize :-)

4.  You love taking walks in your stroller or just in general really.  When we go visit Grandma & Grandpa you demand that Grandpa take you walking outside many times a day.  LOL…I feel kinda bad for him being bossed around by a little 8 month old but I don’t think he really minds :-)

5.  You love when I sing you songs and “perk up” by smiling and cooing.  You especially love the “itsy bitsy spider” :-)

6.  You’ve starting hitting your toys together which is a new form of play that you haven’t done before.  It’s always so awesome to see you do a new thing that you haven’t done before…which is pretty much happening on a weekly basis :-)

7.  You’ ve started sleeping on your belly instead of your left side.

8.  You like to kick your legs when you’re eating…constantly.

9.  When I ask you if you want “yummy” or to go “nigh nigh” you grunt to say “yes” :-)

10.  You said “da da da da da” for the very first time!  It happened after a night of terrible sleep (on your part) and from all the research I’ve done, babies sleep poorly when trying to learn a new skill.  Well if this doesn’t prove that theory I don’t know what does!

This is what happens when Mommy goes to work and Daddy watches you!

You playing your first piano :-)  It caught your interested for maybe 5 minutes and now you never play with it!

Already taking selfies with “duckface” baby!!!

I absolutely love this picture…you outfit is to die for!  Baby Turban…too too much!

You and Daddy on Father’s Day!!

On Father’s Day we went to the Yankee game where you enjoyed your first hot dog, pretzel, and soda ;-)

You melt me heart baby!

Your first time swimming!!!

Hiding from the peering eyes of the papz!

You enjoying a lovely date with your good friend Connor :-)

Melting me once again with that sweet face!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your toes!!!  I love how your middle toe is hiding in the back….that is my fav aside from your cute pudgy big toe :-)

Proud to be an American Baby!

That smirk reminds me of my Daddy :-)

8 months!!!

9 months:

1.  You can say na na na, ma ma ma, and ga ga ga, and ba ba ba  now :-)

2.  You know how to high-five now!!!  Cutest thing ever :-)

3.  You went to your first music class this month and was mesmerized by the whole experience.  There were little “shaky” eggs for the babies to shake and you shook it like a pro (I have a video for you).  Then you put the egg in your mouth like everything else hahahaha :-)

4.  You went to your first MyGym class and for the most part just observed…and then you also cried a few times when the instructors got too close.  Momma’s trying to work on your stranger anxiety but not quite sure how to yet.  Also, I thought you would love the ball pit but you cried hysterically when I put you in their and the balls shifted and you sank a little.  Oh well…there is always next time!

5.  You are now an expert roller…so good in fact you rolled off mommy’s bed and she felt absolutely terrible.  You only cried for 3 minutes though and was back to normal…forgive me please?!

6.  You can clap your hands!!!  It’s so cute and I love seeing you do it.

7.  You went to your first county fair!  You didn’t really do much…Daddy and I just got food and we walked around and then went home…oh well!  I’m sure next year will be much more different :-)

8.  You got sick for the first time!!  Not sure if it was from your music class or gym class but either way…I’m petrified to take you anywhere “kid related” that’s public because people aren’t lying when they say kids are covered in yucky germs!!

9.  You can tear paper with your hands!  I’m not sure how you learned to do this because I know I didn’t teach you!  You tear the paper up and then proceed to put it in your mouth…as always with everything you touch :-)

10.  You stayed with a babysitter for the first time (you’ve stayed with Grandma & Grandpa before) but this was a “real” babysitter…aka your cousin Sammie :-)  You absolutely loved her and had so much fun with her!  She has been coming over now twice a week for a few hours a day so that mommy can get work done.  It has been so great for the both of us!

11.  One day I was trying to having you copy me so I started saying “Yeah!!!” really enthusiastically and you let out a huge grunt since you aren’t capable of actually saying “Yeah” yet…but in my mind, you definitely said “Yeah!!!” too :-)

12.  You understand the word “No” but do not obey it LOL :-)

13.  One day you scratched my face really hard it bled so I taught you to touch my face by taking your hand and softly touching my face while saying “gentle, gentle” and you thought this
was the most hilarious thing ever and started laughing.  You’ve now scratched me several times and no matter how many times I say gentle, you still laugh….hmmmmm….I don’t know how this got
lost in translation!

14.  You were experiencing some separation anxiety the past month or so but each time I would leave the room I would tell you “Momma will be right back” and eventually you figured it out and
stopped crying when I left the room!  I’m sooooo very proud of you sweetheart!

15.  You went on your first road trip to Palm Springs with Mommy & Daddy for a wedding I was shooting there.  It was 107 degrees outside so needless to say, we stayed inside and didn’t do much…but it was the longest car ride you’ve ever been on and you did SO WELL!

16.  You have really started to babble A LOT!  You talk yourself to sleep, you talk while were walking in the mornings, you talk to yourself, etc.

17.  At your 9 month picture where I normally lie you down every month for your photo, this was the first time that you sat!  Not because I wanted you to but because you DIDN’T want to lie down.
It is starting already…..

18.  You tried a sippy cup for the first time!  You understood how to use it but it was super messy and inefficient.  We need to try again or find another one because this one isn’t working!

19.  You brushed your teeth for the first time and loved it!!!  I thought we were going to have to fight you but nope…come brushing time, and you open wide :-)

20.  I’ve started to noticed that your chipmunk cheeks are not as “chipmunky” as they were a couple of months ago which makes me sad.  You are growing into a little lady and I can no longer deny that!  I know I’m being totally melodramatic but just let me have my moment ;-)

Here you are with your first sippy cup!

How precious can you be!!!??

Awwwwww….I melted when I saw this!!!

You and Grandma playing on the piano that I used to play with!

Trying to break my heart, I see….

That smile is just too much!!

You shaking your egg at music class…it was the cutest thing and I have video to prove it!

Awwwww….I really thought you’d like the ball pit!

I think you semi enjoyed the swing :-)

What a good baby you are smiling for the camera at the fair!

I love all your silly faces!!!

Your first highchair!

LOL…I just love the funny look on your face :-)

Brushing your teeth for the first time!!!

On one of our many morning walks :-)  I love this outfit!

Grandpa…are you sure I can eat this Pomegranate??

Another goofy bath face :-)

9 months…where did the time go?!

Vanessa: Oh my gosh friend! Would it be weird if I saved photos of Evie on my desktop? (yes it would! But I don't care!) She's so stinkin cute!! I love how smiley and sweet she is. I can't wait to see you guys! October 9, 2013 9:25 pm

kristin @ petal and thorn: you are taking the best pics of your little one! not surprising. you will have so much fun looking back on these posts. xoxo August 16, 2013 9:38 pm

Jess: She just gets more beautiful and full of personality every month! Try not to feel too guilty about the rolling off the bed thing. I think every baby has to do it once! Its a right of passage! August 16, 2013 5:08 am