First Look

To do or not to do?

When I first got married, the idea of doing a “first look” was a new trend that I didn’t really embrace.  I had waited for this moment my whole life and didn’t want to “ruin” this romantic idea I had of me walking down the aisle and Doug shedding a tear (or two) the moment he first laid eyes on me.  I thought by having us see each other before the ceremony, it would have taken away from the emotion of it all.  Fast forward 5 years:  Now, after witnessing the dozens of “first looks” of my clients, I can honestly say that I wish Doug and I had done one now…here’s why:

-I really wanted to do our wedding pictures at this beautiful private estate that I had fallen in love with.  Due to the fact that we were limited to our cocktail hour, it wasn’t possible because we had to stay close to our wedding venue.  We ended up at a business park across the street from the hotel…it had a man made lake.  Need I say more?

-instead of doing our portraits during cocktail hour, we could have been enjoying cocktail hour with our guests.  Doug is originally from New York and all of his family and friends still live out there.  It would have been nice to spend quality time with our guests that traveled from across the country to be with us on our special day.

-we would have had the chance to say anything we wanted to each other the moment was saw each other.  I wanted to tell him how happy I was to be marrying him, how handsome he looked and I’m sure he wanted to say the same to me.  I always thought doing a first look wouldn’t be as special as seeing each for the first time at the ceremony .  After witnessing the first looks of many of my clients, I can honestly say that I’ve found the opposite to be true.  Watching some of my couples embrace after their first look with tears in their eyes are some of my most favorite “wedding moments” ever.

-we wouldn’t have been so stressed out during our portraits.  Since we were doing them during our cocktail hour, we had to make sure that we were done in time to make our grand entrance.  Our family pictures took over 30 minutes so that really only left us with 20 minutes to take pictures alone together.  Doug was checking his watch every 5 minutes to see how we were on time and our portrait session felt rushed.  While I loved all of my wedding pictures,  I wish we could have had some more time to take pictures since they were really important to me.

I could go on and on about the benefits of doing a first look but I understand that it may not be for every couple.  Hopefully though I’ve given you some helpful information in deciding whether or not it’s right for you!

Me & Doug on our wedding day…my absolute favorite picture from our wedding!